Solar Panel Installation Software for QuickBooks

Adding a new software system can sometimes add unwanted complexity to your business. Smart Service, however, is different. This solar panel software works as a direct QuickBooks add-on. The seamless integration keeps everything under one roof. Schedule work in Smart Service and that work gets duplicated in QuickBooks immediately. Learn more.

Schedule and Dispatch With Ease

The solar panel installation industry will continue to grow moving forward, so give yourself the software you need to keep pace. QuickBooks works stupendously for accounting, but when you need to start scheduling multiple technicians or vehicles, you need to add a scheduling component. That’s where Smart Service makes the biggest difference. Simply drag, drop, and voila! Job scheduled. Learn more.

The Greenest Solar Panel Installation Software

Your work helps your customers go green. Isn’t it time you did the same? Move beyond clipboards, filing cabinets, and mountains of paperwork. Replace them with the digital work orders in the Smart Service mobile app. Schedule a job in the office, then send the details and forms straight to your workers’ mobile devices in the field. Collect digital signatures and log electronic payments. Smart Service boasts all the tools you need to go green. Learn more.

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