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March 1, 2021


Green Appliance Repair: Choosing to go Paperless

Appliance repair software helps business get rid of physical paperwork and streamline their operations.

Since the dawn of the industry, appliance repair businesses have had to manage daily schedules. Recently though, these same businesses have a new tool at their disposal. Appliance repair software can reduce spending, save time, increase productivity, bolster revenue, and help the environment by going allowing you to go paperless.

Manually tracking and organizing information means moving and responding to issues slowly, relying on physical paperwork to get from point A to point B. Paper and pen records rely on office employees who can make sense of a specific, idiosyncratic system. These employees can always change careers, retire, or simply quit. A digital, paperless system keeps things organized and intelligible to anyone accessing it.

The Benefits of Paperless Appliance Repair

Have you ever had to search through a box of files from three years ago for a job you had to do in mid-August for a customer you can barely remember? If you’ve ever been there, you know this is no fun at all. With modern appliance repair technology, you can have all of this data stored and with the few strokes of the keyboard, bring it up for perusal.

Going paperless saves your technicians time, therefore increasing their productivity and in the end making your company more money. Instead of wasting time writing out work orders, appliance repair companies can use interactive forms that automatically fill out certain information, such as items, notes, job address, and more.

Another thing to consider? The space you’ll save by not having to keep physical copies of the past decade of job records. Instead, you can have this all saved and backed up on a neat little database just a few clicks away.

Going paperless also helps you get rid of potential security risks. You can rest easy knowing that you have your information backed up in case of disaster or emergency.

In addition to the business benefits listed above, going paperless reduces the strain on the environment. The US consumes about two billion trees a year, with the average American using the equivalent of seven trees per year in paper, wood, and other products. According to data from the Global Forest Resource Assessment, roughly 80,000 to 160,000 trees get cut down around the world each day. By digitizing all your paperwork, you do your part to make the math a little more favorable.

How do I go paperless and where do I begin?

The first step to going paperless? Develop a plan. You don’t want to just dive right in and buy a bunch of unneeded hardware and software. Take the time to research the decision. Start with a free software demo for an appliance repair system. This will help you determine if the selected software package fits your needs.

Consider adding a digital scanner into the mix, as you will want to take existing customer records and digitize them, integrating them into whatever system you ultimately choose.

The last thing you want to do is rush things. Create some realistic goals and set some timelines for when you would like to roll out changes within your company.

Mobilize your staff.

With an appliance repair scheduling software, you can increase the efficiency and performance of your crews to schedule more jobs in the course of the day. You can also provide a cleaner, more efficient way of filling out work orders, getting routing information, seeing customer and job information (such as photos or notes for your technicians). This will prove especially beneficial in the current COVID-19 climate, as you can provide no contact services for your customers as well.  

With the appliance repair software Smart Service, you can take your company to the next level and provide outstanding customer service. Get a clean-looking digital schedule that reduces paper, and find a way for your technicians in the field to manage work orders, complete forms, and finish jobs. Request a free demo today