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March 1, 2021


The Best HVAC YouTube Channels for Pros in the Industry

Obsessed with HVAC? Get a daily dose of great new HVAC content with these awesome YouTube channels.

No matter your skill level, YouTube videos can serve as useful tools to brush up on some HVAC skills. A plethora of YouTube channels offer everything from basic how-to and troubleshooting videos to rundowns on new trends and technology. Often there’s no better way to learn something than to see it actually getting done. 

To help you navigate all the HVAC content on YouTube, we’ve prepared the list below, broken up into handy categories.

HVAC General Training Channels

These channels gear mostly to HVAC newcomers. They provide good information for new techs and help vets brush up on some basic skills.

  1. HVAC School

Subscribers: 101K

This is a channel for HVAC techs by HVAC techs. HVAC School serves as an online source for real-world content related to technician training in the fields of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration. 

  1. HVAC Simplified by AMK Online Training

Subscribers: 52.9K

This channel focuses on simplifying the best ways to understand HVAC matters, making it a good starting point for new technicians.

  1. Lennox Learning Solutions

Subscribers: 18.7K

This YouTube channel is technically the training department of Lennox Industries down in Texas. Still, it offers a lot of great HVAC learning content. The videos here tend to focus more on business, sales, and technical training.

  1. HVAC Life with Alex

Subscribers: 8K

A more personal channel, this features a single contractor, Alex, sharing his years of experience as an HVAC tech. Alex applies the knowledge he has learned to solve problems, and also shares some of the oddball issues he comes across.

HVAC Troubleshooting Channels

As the name suggests, these channels help technicians and homeowners troubleshoot existing HVAC units to help figure out issues.

  1. Word of Advice TV

Subscribers: 180k

While not entirely dedicated to troubleshooting HVAC units, this channel does have plenty of videos about the profession and how to do things, such as repairing an AC unit, troubleshooting your furnace, how to install and replace various parts, etc.

  1. Stephen Rardon

Subscribers: 46.1K

As the name suggests, this channel is run by one Stephen Rardon, who uploads videos about troubleshooting AC units, furnaces, heat pumps, and other HVAC tech. His channel also offers training on these same items.

HVAC Installation and Repair

These channels focus more on making repairs and installations.

  1. AC Service Tech LLC

This channel goes for a more step-by-step approach for its videos, which have a decent range of topics, from refrigerant charging and furnaces to heat pumps, air conditioners, electrical troubleshooting, and more. Even a non-HVAC pro can find something useful here!

  1. grayfurnaceman

Subscribers: 122K

As its own description states, this channel features a “HVAC serviceman and instructor with 35 years of experience passing on the knowledge.” grayfurnaceman features a retired HVAC tech who likes to make videos that teach others how to troubleshoot and fix issues.

  1. Anti DIY HVAC

Subscribers: 32.7K

As the name suggests, this channel features instructional videos that go over the many reasons homeowners should leave their HVAC maintenance and repair to professionals. Don’t get fooled by the name though, the channel does go through how to fix these same issues. It just takes care to consistently point out why the average joe probably shouldn’t try it.

HVAC Manufacturers

Some of the bigger HVAC manufacturers offer YouTube channels that go over various subjects, like useful tools for techs to have. These channels have some useful information you may not see elsewhere.

  1. Trane Commercial HVAC North America

Subscribers: 10.5K

This YouTube channel focuses on high-performance buildings, sustainable design/architecture, and how these things relate to HVAC.

  1. HVAC Shop Talk

Subscribers: 22.6K

This channel goes over general HVAC topics and features discussion videos on areas related to HVAC. The topics covered vary, providing information for techs and non-techs alike.

  1. TitusHVAC

Subscribers: 13K

Titus is a recognized leader in the air distribution segment of the commercial HVAC industry. This channel showcases how they advance technology to meet the needs of HVAC techs and customers everywhere.

Honorable Mentions


Subscribers: 89.6K

While this channel presents things in a casual manner, it still provides some good information. The tech that runs the channel has over 15 years of HVAC experience in southern California and makes videos on the things he runs into out in the field.

  1. hackfreehvac

Subscribers: 10.1K

This channel shows “how to not” fix your HVAC unit by demonstrating how various people (including some shortcutting HVAC techs) have “hacked” in fixes that ultimately do not work or are sometimes dangerous.

  1. Smart Service

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