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February 27, 2021


The Best HVAC Websites: 2019 Edition

Get some inspiration from the best HVAC websites around!

While word of mouth may have gotten you started and helped you meet new clients, a referral system will only get you so far when it comes to growing a new business. Your customers need to have the ability to look for your company online and find more than a phone number or Facebook page.

“The role that brand manufacturers play in today’s retail landscape has evolved,” says Astound Commerce SVP of Digital Strategy, Lauren Freedman. “Consumers’ heightened expectations for digital commerce means brands must master online selling.”

In other words, think of your website as a form of advertisement. The better designed, the more professional you look.

So, what makes a good website?

By now you know that you need a good website, but do you know what makes a website good? HVAC customers have special needs. They need to know which brands you service and any certifications or qualifications you have. You will also want to list out your pricing as well as the guarantees you offer on your service and any warranties the brands you install provide. Clear contact information is a must-have too—and this is all at a minimum. Ideally, your site will also offer a consistent experience across different devices and offer some sort of blog or troubleshooting section. Adding in some detailed information about the products and services you sell as well as some of the common problems your customers face will help you establish your expertise.

We’ve compiled some examples of HVAC websites that really stand out. Take a look, see what ideas you like, and put them to use yourself!


AC HVAC is located in Charleston, SC. This company’s website highlights its phone number and features a button that visitors can use to make an appointment right at the top of their homepage. Right after that, you see some of the specials the company has available as well as an advertisement that AC HVAC offers financing and emergency service as well as a discount for active military, veterans, and seniors. You also see links to the company’s social media so you can get in touch in any way you like.

Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning

Advantage Heating & Air Conditioning in Portland, OR focuses on the long game with its customers. When you go to its site, the first thing you notice is a button that says, “Get Started.” One click on that takes you to a form where you can schedule service. Immediately below that you’ll find a menu listing for Advantage HVAC’s maintenance program. You also see a chat box where you can click to start a conversation with a company rep.

BGE Home

BGE Home is based in Baltimore, Maryland. This website stands out because of its clean design. It uses a simple white and green color scheme and no fancy fonts. The company even uses an actual photo of its techs at work, a smart move for authenticity. BGE Home also makes it easy to get answers. Their menu is simple and straightforward: Products, Repairs & Services, Home & Energy Center, and Who We Are.


Busby’s is based out of Augusta, GA. This company has been in business since 1945—in fact, that’s the website tagline. Busby’s lists a menu of different options, but does three unique things. First, it has a callout section where you can request a quote or schedule an appointment. That may not be exciting, but those options are right beside one button that lets customers sign up for filter change reminders and another that specifies 15 reasons why customers choose them. Second, Busby’s has an image slider of its employees and offices, complete with the address. Third and finally, the company has a chatbot that connects to Facebook Messenger so visitors can get in touch with someone quickly.

Mannix Heating & Cooling

Mannix Heating & Cooling is located in Chantilly, VA. Looking at this site, you notice three things right off the bat: the phone number, that the company offers emergency services, and that Mannix has an app. For some customers, that’s probably enough to get them to pick up the phone, but Mannix takes things a step further by providing another way for visitors to request an appointment. They also highlight all the rewards visitors can receive from using their app.

Total Comfort

Total Comfort operates in St Louis, MO. They list their phone number and how long they have been in business (30 years) right beside their logo. The next thing you will notice is the menu. Total Comfort lists their testimonials right beside a link to a satisfaction survey. This combination helps build trust and confidence that this company can deliver.


Wheeler’s is a plumbing and HVAC company out of Denver, CO. When you go to their site, the first thing you see is the phone number and a button to get a free estimate. After that, you see a short statement stating that Wheeler’s has been around for 18 years and is family-owned. This helps people who may not have heard of the company feel more comfortable giving them a call.


HVAC owners around the country tend to skimp on websites, if not technology altogether. Don’t make that mistake. Take the time and make the investment to build a website that will win you more customers.