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The Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

Get yourself a top-of-the-line tool bag that will make you the envy of your fellow field service technicians.

Few things frustrate field service technicians more than making frequent trips back to the truck to search for tools (especially if you have to don and remove shoe covers) or digging around in a bag or box to find a needed tool. “I know it’s around here somewhere” just doesn’t fit into the vocabulary of an organized and efficient field technician. 

Whether you’re a plumber, HVAC tech, electrician, roofer, or jack-of-all-trades, you need a tool bag that not only holds essential tools, but organizes them in such a way so as to make them easy to find as soon as you need them. You’ll not only avoid the annoyance of searching in vain for supplies, you’ll also use your time wisely and look more professional to your clients. Efficiency and professionalism establish trust among customers, which could lead to referrals, positive online reviews, and repeat business. Invest in the best bag, and it will become a treasured tool in its own right.

Characteristics of the Best Field Service Technician Tool Bags

As we continue to discuss tool bags, it’s important to note that not all tool bags actually look like bags. Sometimes a traditional bag that can hang within reach makes a world of difference, and sometimes it doesn’t quite do the trick. For example, some field technicians find it more convenient to store their tools in a backpack-style tool tote that is more comfortable to carry long distances, while others prefer sturdy plastic cases on wheels with tools laid out in drawers. Whatever your style, choose something that makes sense for the work that you do most frequently. 

Despite these differences in construction and design, the following characteristics remain crucial:

  • Heavy-duty, cut-resistant material such as nylon or thick leather with reinforced stitching.
  • Waterproof material is ideal, but you can add a waterproofing agent to the surface if needed.
  • Highly compartmentalized, with straps and pockets designed to hold various tools.
  • A thick shoulder strap and/or handles for easy transport.

With these features in mind, let’s take a look at some examples of the best field service technician tool bags on the market.

Occidental Leather’s Stronghold Journeyman’s Tote

This tool bag from Occidental Leather is as much a work of art as it is a profoundly practical piece of equipment for field service technicians. The rich leather looks beautiful brand-new, but it will become even more appealing as you use it and care for it. Apply mink oil or another product of your choice to ensure it remains waterproof, protecting your tools from wet conditions. 

You’ll find loops, straps, and pockets inside and out to keep your tools neatly compartmentalized. There’s no risk of tools getting jumbled in a giant catch-all inner compartment, but you’ll still find enough interior space to add a larger tool (like a drill) to the repertoire. And to protect the leather from your sharper or most-used tools, the bag comes with two plastic inserts. It also comes with a screw or nail bag and a strap for holding electrical tape. 

Carry this bag with pride via the thick central handle, or purchase an optional shoulder strap in the same high-quality leather in order to keep all your tools within reach.

Custom Leathercraft Center Tray Tool Bag

If your work requires you to organize smaller tools like drill bits and specialty nails, you’ll love that this Leathercraft tool bag comes with its own center tray and a special compartment to store it in. Featuring a zippered pouch on one side and 16 pockets and loops both inside and out, this tool bag has two narrow open-space pockets to allow you to haul larger tools with ease while still preventing your tools from getting jumbled together in a mess.

Built out of durable nylon, this tool bag can keep up with your demanding schedule and work environment. It has two padded carrying handles and also comes with a shoulder strap, which turns this bag into a tool belt alternative when worn across the body. 

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack

If you prefer that your tools remain completely covered and protected from the elements when not in use, you might prefer a backpack-style tool bag. The Jobsite Backpack from Milwaukee features 35 pockets for holding tools so you always know where  to find everything. If you use a tablet or laptop for your work order software, this backpack has a sleeve for careful transportation. 

The inside of this backpack has so much room, apprentices can easily carry textbooks and notebooks along with their tools. And don’t worry, your tools won’t poke holes in this backpack thanks to the durable fabric. Don’t worry about setting it down on wet ground either, because the plastic bottom keeps everything dry (and also helps the bag sit upright). 

These three field service technician tool bags represent just the tip of the iceberg, but they have all of the essential features in a range of prices. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your work!