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January 21, 2021


The Best Construction Apps for Construction Businesses

These days, construction apps can do just about anything, from scheduling jobs to performing complex calculations. Learn about some of the best software tools on the market.

Construction managers have busy minds, always ready for a calculation, decision, or delegation. As a pro in this field, you probably feel a sense of pride in your ability to stay so organized, but it doesn’t happen without a little help, does it? There’s no shame in double-checking figures, referencing plans for the nth time, or taking full advantage of technology to help you do your job above and beyond expectations. 

You probably have a smartphone for the numerous phone calls and messages you send each day to keep projects moving forward on schedule. You probably even use a few apps. But do you know what your phone is truly capable of? Once you learn about the best construction apps, your smartphone will become the favorite tool in your toolbox

1. Smart Service

The Smart Service construction app is like a virtual assistant (but, mercifully, it comes without the added overhead cost of keeping an actual assistant on payroll). You can set up all your critical team members as users so that everyone has access to the same real-time information regarding scheduling, deliveries, equipment use, invoices, dispatch, and clients. You can also upload and share documents and photos, including contracts and other forms that your clients can sign on the app.

Smart Service goes a step further and integrates with QuickBooks, giving you the power and depth of the professional accounting system. That means you won’t waste any time waiting for data to sync or re-entering client information. 

2. SmartBid

You’ll have Smart Service to help you manage the construction process, but what about the pre-construction process? You need to connect with sub-contractors who have the experience, portfolio, budget, and availability to help you meet the client’s expectations. Despite the network you’ve accrued in your years as a construction manager, finding sub-contractors who meet all four of these criteria is often easier said than done. 

With SmartBid, sub-contractors can bid on your job. You can send out proposal invites if you wish, and you can narrow the selection before you even post the job by pre-qualifying the sub-contractors allowed to bid. Keep all the data organized to easily compare proposals, qualifications, and compliance. While you’ll want to use a computer for full functionality, the mobile app makes it easy to review bids and sub-contractor data, which is crucial for tackling your to-do list when you’re on-the-go. 

3. DEWALT Mobile Pro

It’s your job to know and apply calculations at the drop of a hat, but sometimes your coffee just hasn’t kicked in or you’re not your usual hyper-focused self. Fortunately, the DEWALT Mobile Pro app makes it easier than ever to check calculations and references. 

Because it’s specifically designed for construction professionals, you’re just a few taps away from calculations like baluster spacing or material quantities. Better yet, the app lets you email a calculation to team members, enhancing collaboration. It also stores your calculation history, so there’s no need to waste time re-entering the data because you forgot to write down the result before exiting. The DEWALT Mobile Pro app was built by construction managers and for construction managers. You might wonder how you ever got things done without it.

4. PlanGrid

Although there’s something special about working with a paper blueprint, you might find it handy to keep a blueprint stored in your smartphone too. With PlanGrid, you get a dynamic model. Toggle layers on and off, view older versions for comparison, organize blueprints based on project or tag, make notes or mark issues directly on the sheet, and easily share your changes. 

There’s no more drowning in disorganized sheets or forgetting the right sheet at the office when you go digital. With this app, you’ll always find what you need in the palm of your hand. You can also integrate other documents and photos for specs to keep everyone on the same page. The BIM feature shows 2D and 3D models, and the app also has reporting options so that you (and your client) know exactly how the project is progressing. 

The best construction apps are here to stay.

For construction managers, technology can improve efficiency and safety, from materials and equipment to processes and procedures. Even if apps may still seem like an odd concept on the construction site, their use can prove monumental in terms of efficiency, accuracy, and communication. In the end, all of these factors result in a satisfied client, a stellar reputation, and more business. Download the best construction apps and discover how technology can keep your business competitive and cutting-edge.