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Time is money! Smart Service can boost your bottom line by increasing worker efficiency and eliminating paper costs.

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How does Smart Service add to your bottom line?

Your service company shouldn’t take the decision to adopt a new software package lightly. Before you make so gargantuan a move, you want an assurance that your company will get its money’s worth. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways Smart Service can save you money.

Right away, Smart Service all but eliminates your paper costs, digitizing your work orders and service histories.

How much can you save?

The average worker incurs $337.50 in printing costs annually.

The average American worker burns through 10,000 sheets of paper a year, each of which costs about $0.03 in materials and equipment. 1 That means each of your workers incurs $300 in printing expenses a year.

Print this many forms, and you’ll need a place to put them. Each of your employees creates enough forms to fill up one fourth of a filing cabinet annually. If a cabinet costs $150 2 , that’s $37.50 in storage space.

Consider some of the time expenditures field service management software helps eliminate. Between instant job dispatching, convenient equipment information/service histories, and improved communication between field and office staff, we’ve concluded that the Smart Service system can easily save a technician 105 minutes a day. (To read exactly how we arrived at this figure, check out this complete explanation.)

Smart Service can save over 105 minutes per day—per technician!

Reallocate 21% of your field time from administration and labor.

Make the switch from paper to Smart Service, and you can free up over 21% 3 of a tech’s workday. Once you recoup that time, you can squeeze in more jobs every day. Imagine the impact on your bottom line! Click the button below for the complete math on what you can expect from Smart Service in terms of ROI.

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