Make QuickBooks Better With Computer Repair Shop Software

Like any technology-based professional, you know that working smart beats working hard. So why buy all-new computer repair shop software to run your business when you can just add Smart Service to give QuickBooks the same functionality? Smart Service adds service scheduling and work order dispatching to your current accounting software to keep things simple. Learn more.

IT Service Software with Improved Billing and Invoicing

Use our computer repair service software as a quick, intuitive scheduler to set your service agendas and automatically generate invoices inside QuickBooks. Smart Service eliminates the need for multiple IT service software solutions. Your technicians and dispatchers will add line items while the work transpires, meaning you won’t have to recreate what was done after the fact. Simply post the job to QuickBooks and your final bill will be ready to go. Learn more.

The Best Mobile App Around

These days, the functionality of computer repair shop/IT service software shouldn’t stop when you leave the office. In fact, with the right mobile app, the chief benefits to software don’t kick in until your technicians actually hit the job site! Such is the case with Smart Service’s mobile app iFleet. With iFleet, routes, schedules, job notes, and equipment information get placed front and center on your employees’ mobile devices. Learn more.

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