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Top Lawn Care Business Apps

These days, your smartphone or tablet doubles as the best, most versatile lawn care tool around. Find out how to put yours to better use.

In today’s fast-paced, on-the-go business world, business owners seemingly never disconnect from their business (or even the internet) thanks to their smartphones. So why not optimize these devices to help run your business? Below we have highlighted our top five mobile apps for business owners to get the most efficiency and effectiveness out of their smartphones.


iFleet is simply one of the best mobile apps available for lawn care business owners, or any field service business. Providing an all-in-one solution to scheduling efficiency, the iFleet mobile app equips your workers with the ability to access schedules, bring up contact information for customers and clients, view equipment records, reference service histories, and more. You can even upload your current forms library to go completely paperless, collecting digital signatures and taking payments in the field. iFleet helps landscaping techs handle every part of the job process. If you truly want an app to take your business to the next level, look no further than iFleet! (You can request a free demo today to see how iFleet can start making a difference in your business.)


Need to store and share bigger files? Try Dropbox! This app starts you off with 2 GB of free, secure, cloud storage space. Upload photos, documents, videos, and more. Dropbox even integrates with iFleet, allowing you to store photos and other files in the same app you use for schedules, work orders, and billing.


For workforce communication and collaboration, you won’t find a better app than Slack. With Slack, everyone in your company can send instant messages to each other, and even organize channels for group or project-specific communication. You can also share a wide variety of files. Slack works faster than email and has demonstrated proven results in enhancing workforce communication and efficiency. The best part of Slack? You can start using it for free! (Paid plans offer additional features, should your company’s needs grow beyond the free version.)


One of the best productivity mobile apps for business owners on the market, this amazing note taking app allows for easy and seamless collaboration. The cross-device capabilities combined with the collaborative nature of Evernote makes this easily one of the best mobile apps around for both business owners and small teams. Evernote can sync across multiple devices, allowing access from anywhere, anytime. Evernote even allows your team to create to-do lists. Combine that with a clear and distraction free interface for note taking, and you have one of the preferred mobile apps for lawn care business owners!


Lawn care business owners (and all business owners, really) constantly have something that needs their attention. Keeping track of all the things happening in both your personal and professional life gets tough. Fortunately, Wunderlist can help! This mobile app allows business owners to organize all of their thoughts and to-dos quickly and effectively, leading to greatly increased productivity. With the ability to create lists from any device, share lists with employees, have conversations regarding to-dos, delegate out tasks, and more, Wunderlist ranks as one of the top productivity apps around!


DocuSign makes doing business on the go easier. This secure and simple mobile app allows users to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from customers, contractors, or anyone else as well. This handy mobile app perfectly allows lawn care business owners to reduce security issues stemming from printing, faxing, and scanning documents. With real time notifications through DocuSign, you’ll never miss an important document again!


Ever find yourself wishing you had more hours in the day to run your business? RescueTime provides you with just that! This amazing app represents a must-have for lawn care business owners, as well as owners of any other type of business. RescueTime provides you with reports of how you spend time on your phone and computer. The mobile app version of this program features accurate and automatic tracking of your mobile app usage, reporting voice call times, and where you spend your web-browsing time. This amazing app helps you manage your time perfectly, helping you get the most out of every workday.


These days, the plethora of great business apps can transform your phone into the ultimate sales, service, and productivity tool. If you only use yours to call and text your customers and employees, you’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do for your business.