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Update 113: Label Updates, Easier Overnight Work, and Faster Sync Names

Smart Service Update 113 brings some great new content to the software, including Label Updates, Easier Overnight Work, and Faster Sync Names.

Smart Service Update 113 brings some great new features to the table. For a tour of all the highlights, watch our official update video:

Label Updates

We’ve combed through the program and revised some of the terminology used for certain functions in the program to more accurately describe the option. While nothing has changed about these functions, some options in Smart Service have been renamed to provide a more concise description of the feature.

We’ve made some changes to several options, which you can see below:

  • “Do not Post” has changed to “Do not Invoice” in Post Work Orders
  • “Comments” Sections for Work Orders and Estimates Renamed to “Terms & Conditions” in Estimate and Work Order Settings
  • Paper Work Order Preferences Changed to Singular
  • “Contacts Search” Changed to “Search”
  • “Scheduling” Changed to “Scheduler”
  • Report “Categories” Changed to Report “Types”
  • “Realtime Location-Based Services” Changed to “Location-Based Services” in Mobile Workforce
  • “Enabled Job Notes to be Edited” Changed to “Overwrite Office Notes” in Settings

Easier Overnight Work

As on version 113, timestamps (with the exception of additional times) will be able to span midnight. When a timestamp spanning midnight is detected by Smart Service, the timestamp will be split automatically. For example, a timestamp from 11:00 PM on March 3rd to 1:00 AM on March 4th will be split into two timestamps, a March 3rd from 11:00 PM to 11:59 PM and another timestamp on March 4th from 12:00 AM to 1:00 AM.

Faster Sync Names Feature

The “Sync Names” function now asks if the program should check all records for changed names in QuickBooks, or just check active records! Checking for active records only will cut down on the time it takes this check to complete.

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