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January 21, 2021


5 Types of HVAC Business Owners: Which one are you?

Find out which archetype best describes you.

So, you own your own HVAC business. You know how to help your customers with their air and heating problems—you can do it all. But which HVAC business owner are you, anyway?

Maybe you didn’t know it, but there’s actually more than one type of HVAC business owner. You don’t all fit the same cookie-cutter mold with the same challenges, hopes, and goals. Nope. You all have specific problems, and these each require specific solutions. Keep reading to discover what type of business you run and how to solve your issues.

Are you the Overwhelmed Overscheduler? 

Wow, it turns out that mailer you sent last month to 5,000 people in town really worked. You’ve expanded business hours to keep up with demand, but even that looks like it won’t be enough. Everyone’s already pulling 50 hour weeks and you’re shelling out a lot of cash for overtime. 

Meanwhile, your customers are getting frustrated because they have to wait a week for service. So, you’ve created a waiting list, and you’re trying to do the best you can. Here’s hoping, I guess. 

Core Issue: 

The Overwhelmed Overscheduler has a bunch of angry customers who have to wait too long for service. Shouldn’t this be a good problem? 

The Solution: 

For this one, you probably have to change your rates, hire more people, or become more productive in the time you do have. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of missing out on revenue during a busy period, and risk frustrating your customers so much so that you get a reputation for less-than-stellar customer service. 

Are you the Workaholic? 

The phone rings, AGAIN. Another customer calling for emergency service. It’s only 8pm, but you know that’s just the first of many calls you’ll get tonight. I guess you’ll just get home late yet again. Another lunchbox dinner. After pulling a 60 hour week, you’re not sure if you have it in you anymore. 

Core Issue: 

You enjoy working so much that your work bleeds into your personal life. That, or you really need the money, so you allow work to take up too much of your time. Now you’re experiencing burnout and you’re really exhausted. 

The Solution: 

The Workaholic wants or needs to work really hard. Either way, Workaholics don’t have a personal life anymore, so they’ll have to address the problem by giving themselves a way to satisfy their personal drive to work or answer their revenue challenges. 

If the Workaholic feels broke, he or she should look at their pricing and whether they need to change something about their business model. Do they need to raise their prices so they can afford to work fewer hours, for instance? 

Love of work is a great thing, but if it’s taking a toll on your health or wellbeing, you need to step back and find another way to enjoy what you do without hurting yourself. Can you spread out the work? Delegate more? Stop taking evening calls and open up weekends instead? 

Are you the Constant Advertiser?

Ugh, that radio ad costs way too much, but you need to find ways to get your name out there. Your work time gets taken up by Facebook, a new website, or other marketing platforms. Often, that advertising eats up half of your day. 

There’s so much to learn! So much to do. So the necessary, important projects go on the back burner. 

Core Issue: 

You prioritize marketing way too much, and you know it, leaving little time to get anything else done. 

The Solution: 

You still need to do marketing, of course, but it can’t use up too much time or you’ll never get anything else done. With so many different social media sites, blogging ideas, and marketing methods out there, anyone could get bogged down. What you need? A marketing plan and two or three highly-effective marketing strategies you can commit to. 

Instead of spending all day on them though, you’ll set aside a fixed amount of time. You also need to choose specific benchmarks to help you determine if your marketing works. This will help you drop any method that doesn’t bring results. Give yourself three new marketing methods to use for a month. After thirty days, drop whatever doesn’t bring in customers.

Are you the Free Spirit? 

It’s another Tuesday. 

And that’s awesome, because you thought it was actually Wednesday all morning. As you sit at your desk leisurely drinking coffee, you notice you forgot to change the wall calendar. “Hey, the 1st was last week!” Hmm. Where’d the time go? 

You draw a line through the last five days of this month. You’ll be at the beach. Better remember to put a sign on the door, I guess. 

Core Issue: 

You run your business with a great deal of flexibility. This can become an issue if it starts cutting into your revenue or drives potential customers absolutely nuts. 

The Solution: 

If your business is booming, you should probably hire a manager so you can go to the beach whenever you feel like it without closing up shop. If not, you have to get disciplined. You may need to start using some productivity tricks, like setting a timer while you work and then taking only scheduled breaks so you can get more done. 

Keep in mind that customers like consistency and reliability. Free Spirits should modify their habits somewhat to fulfill those expectations. 

Are you the Firefighter?

Your office manager walks in. Her look of frustration tells you the whole story—another appointment was double-booked and she just had to reschedule someone and apologize. That’s the third time this week! 

Meanwhile, your revenue last month dipped noticeably. I guess you forgot a few invoices. How’s this possible? You’re really good at running your business (at least on paper). 

Core Issue: 

You think you’re in HVAC, but you’re really a Firefighter. Every day at work sees you putting out another blaze! You need to get organized. 

The Solution: 

You might need to dramatically change your business. You’re making mistakes and people aren’t happy. Perhaps your business is 100% paper, and you need to move to a more accurate system. It’s time to get a computer and start implementing some software to help you manage your business better. 

Software designed with HVAC businesses in mind can get your business organized so you have more time for other things.