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January 17, 2021


5 Best HVAC News Outlets

Keep yourself informed on everything HVAC!

Whether you want to grow your own business or grow within a business, you need to stay informed on the latest HVAC news, events, trends, tips, tech, grand openings, and more.

Think about the great advantages early adopters enjoyed when business management apps and tablets first hit the market. They could streamline their entire process, and clients noticed that their calls got answered or returned faster and that technicians could schedule them quickly and accurately. Staying aware of new tech and management trends resulted in a competitive advantage for those HVAC companies.

The advantage of staying informed goes beyond tech topics. If a new HVAC company opens near you, you need to know about that new competitor. If proposed legislation will affect your work, you need to be aware. If a company across the country experiences explosive growth, you might want to find out what they’re doing that you’re not. Conferences, trade shows, and expos represent great ways to network and find possible new employees, mentors, products, or even promotional opportunities.

In short, you need to know about what’s happening among your fellow HVAC technicians and business owners in order to stay on top of the competition and to always keep growth top of mind. Here are five of the best HVAC news outlets to grace both your mailbox and your inbox.

1. HVAC Insider

HVAC Insider‘s collection of publications has the greatest circulation in the HVAC industry. You can choose to receive regional editions monthly, and/or a national publication quarterly. Getting a regional edition each month means you can stay up-to-date on the most relevant news in your area, including what’s going on with your competitors or with the local market. The national edition will keep you informed about the biggest HVAC headlines in the country, as well as national trade shows and events. HVAC Insider will also tell you about trends, tools, and products making waves in the HVAC and refrigeration industry.

2. ACHR News

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News, abbreviated to ACHR News or sometimes just “The News,” has a bit of everything for everyone at any stage in the business. From practical on-the-job tips to information about grand openings and promotions, ACHR News welcomes reader submissions. This HVAC publication has multiple editorial columns to keep you aware of trends, as well as sections that focus on new constructions, commercial markets, green building, etc.

3. Smart Service

The Smart Service blog represents a source of news and practical tips for service technicians, with a particular focus on HVAC. If you run your own business, want to start one, or are just starting out as an apprentice, this HVAC blog will keep you up-to-date on the latest technologies, tips, and events. You can learn about the latest business apps, marketing techniques, and growth hacks from an HVAC pro’s perspective.

4. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) Magazine

North American Technician Excellence, better known as NATE, certifies individuals in heating, cooling, ventilation, and refrigeration installation or maintenance. This non-profit has two publications: NATE Magazine, which can also be read online, and The NATE Advantage Newsletter. Both represent excellent sources of industry news, with updates on events, conferences, trade shows, and certifications. HVAC professionals can also use a form on the NATE site to directly submit news or event information for publication.

5. Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries (IHACI) Indoor Comfort News

Incorporated in 1948, the Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries is a non-profit organization for HVAC tradesmen. Its multi-page magazine is called Indoor Comfort News and has been published since 1955. It can be delivered to your mailbox or read in full online after registering your information. It offers case studies, profiles of HVAC professionals, notices of upcoming events, editorials on hot-button issues, and of course news about everything from technological advances to company growth.

Which should you choose?

Each of the above HVAC news outlets offers high-quality information, so when it comes to choosing one, consider the delivery method and potential cost.

The good news about these publications is that all of them can be read or previewed online for free. But it’s quite convenient to have the latest HVAC news delivered to you so that you can read it all at once. Think about whether you’re more likely to browse a physical copy or an online newsletter. Or maybe you prefer to subscribe to an RSS feed and have articles given to you one by one, as they get published.