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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Garage Door Service Business

Put your garage door business in a position to succeed this spring!

Spring has sprung! That makes now a great time to get a handle on all the mess around the office, your work vehicles, and possibly even your data. Throughout the year we accumulate things, add jobs, cancel jobs, hire employees, and sometimes forget to rid ourselves of the clutter that just piles up. A little spring cleaning can not only help you save time, it can help you save money. So, let’s dive in!

Garage Door Service Vehicles

Throughout the year, you probably accumulate a lot of spare parts, broken parts, or extra parts. Some of these items include broken springs, hinges, cables, weather stripping, and possibly even entire sections. This clutter can seriously bog down your truck! Cleaning out your work vehicle will help the transmission last longer (due to weight reduction) and help the company save on gas mileage. Confirm that all of your fluids remain topped off and that your windshield wipers are in good working order. Maintain your battery, making sure to have it checked and tested each year. Make sure to check that your vehicle has a spare tire, jack, and tire iron, and also a set of jumper cables.

If you need to save spare parts, make sure you have a system in place to keep accumulation from getting out of hand. Before you know it, you could have a truck bed full of stuff you’ll never use! 

Maintaining a Safe and Clean Work Area

Keeping your work area clean can help you become more efficient, as well as give you peace of mind. Nothing beats knowing you can move freely about your work environment. From lag bolts to random scraps of angle iron, you keep your work area clear of hazards. We all know that some customers like to hang out and observe your work. Leaving a sharp piece of angle iron on the floor can lead to trouble form them! Clean up debris as you go. Crew leads can oversee the cleaning of the job site at the end of each day to ensure that the job site maintains a clean appearance and remains OSHA compliant.

Cleaning the Office

In the office, you will accumulate work orders, purchase orders, invoices, and service agreements. You can avoid all this leading to a big mess by taking a look into a garage door scheduling software system. Garage door software like Smart Service will assist you in tracking estimates, scheduling jobs, and creating and maintaining customer lists. It can also assist you in reporting on these things. With Smart Service, you can generate a report on jobs that you’ve scheduled but haven’t completed yet, for example. You don’t want to leave money on the table if a technician or office worker misplaced a work order. Data integrity can make the difference between profits and losses. As tax season kicks in, business will inevitably pick up as well, and having a clean office and clean work vehicle can help the company stay more efficient.

Clean up your route!

Using a scheduling software can not only assist you in cleaning up the clutter from day to day business, it can also help prevent some clutter! Using a route plan can help plan your technicians travel to and from jobs in the most efficient manner possible, saving the company time and money. Creating a route plan each day (or even each week) can help your technicians avoid major roadblocks.