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Make the Best of a Stinky Situation: Using Social Media to Boost Your Septic System Business

Looking for an unconventional way to put your septic business a step ahead of the competition?

Since March 2020, many people have started working from home due to COVID-19. This means that in recent months, the systems in place to handle household waste products have seen more use/stress than ever before. This also means that people (stuck at home) spend more time browsing their social media accounts than they normally would. Consider these points alongside the fact that over the past few years, the septic service industry has grown and will continue growing. What does this all mean? There is no better time than now to begin advertising your septic business. Specifically, you can boost your business by tweaking how you use your social media profiles.

Social Media Options for Businesses

With each different social media platform, you also gain access to powerful advertising options to boost your presence and visibility to the people in your targeted area. If you want to market to new audiences, you can set up multiple ads that target different areas you service, incorporating your business into the ads individuals see as they peruse their feed on a daily basis. While the majority of the people seeing the ad may simply scroll past it, it still creates a point of recognition for your business, positioning potential customers to remember it when they do need septic services. 

This will also provide avenues for your current clients to draw in their friends and family when they need a service you offer, as the ads you generate may end up targeting the people in their follower lists based on shared interests. Getting a solid foundation on your different social media platforms will open the door for another tool that will help bring in more revenue: monetized video content and merchandising.

Content Creation

Delving into content creation is a tall task, but it can pay big dividends with persistence and time. To embark on an endeavor like this, you will want to sit down and outline your goal when making your content. 

  • Do you want to provide comedic relief, drawing customers in with the unfortunate situations they might find themselves in when they need septic work done? 
  • Should your content be educational (what to do vs. what not to do, simple fix videos, basic troubleshooting, etc.)?
  • Do you just want to review the work of others and provide commentary based on your years of experience in the field?

Got your pitch? Run it by some of your technicians! You might find a willing participant, and participating in a creative project like this can keep a tech engaged and interested in their work. An additional bonus of picking a knowledgeable and willing technician? You can use the content you make for the future in-house training of new hires!

After you decide on the type of content you want to produce, think about how you will make the content. Should you hire someone? Or do it yourself with a cellphone or GoPro? 

Monetizing Your Content

Remain consistent with uploads, and you will provide your subscribers with regular content that brings them back, pushing your videos up the trending charts. This can take time, but with persistence and a steady stream of content, the algorithms that feed potential viewers new videos will pick up yours and show them more frequently to viewers based on what they’ve watched in the past.

Once your videos begin racking up views, you will begin generating revenue from the ads that run during the video. These dividends start out small, but can grow exponentially when you provide good content. Depending on your relations with the suppliers you work with, you may even have a chance to set up sponsorship deals to make even more money by plugging their products in your videos. 

Branded Merchandising

As odd as it may sound, people may have interest in merchandise with your brand on it. With time, you can develop a die-hard fan base that continually comes back for more of your content. The internet has tons of people with vastly different interests, but when they find something they enjoy, they will support that brand or product through whatever means you make available. This new revenue stream may not go directly into your daily operations, but you can use it to help provide new content (by upgrading your recording equipment, for example).

Getting Started

If this article has sparked your interest in becoming a content creator and advertising mogul, head to your favorite social media platform and look into their options for boosting your business!