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March 5, 2021


How to Start a Pressure Washing Business 

Learn how to start your own pressure washing or power washing business.

Pressure washing is one type of job that’s almost always needed and offers strong opportunities for the right person. Since pressure washers can also start their own businesses, the field gives workers a great chance to become their own boss and have greater control over their work schedule. 

If you’re looking for novel types of work, pressure washing may offer some variety for your workday. Homes, businesses, commercial fleets, and other pressure washing specialties exist. This means you have more chances to connect with customers and find a niche your community will embrace. As you become more established, your community may become a source of referrals and help you find more continuous and consistent business. 

With these tips and practical steps, you can start doing more to build your new pressure washing business. 

How much do pressure washers make? 

Pressure washers make a median salary of $13.25 per hour, according to PayScale. Self-employed pressure washers can set their own rates and may be able to make more per hour than professionals who work for someone else. Commercial pressure washing technicians and fleet washers have the opportunity to win lucrative contracts with businesses, offering the possibility of greater revenue security. 

On a per-project rate, pressure washers may make $100 to $300 for cleaning a residence and $80 to $200 for cleaning a driveway. Commercial building cleaning may cost more and result in higher earnings, generally determined by the size and difficulty of the job (with more challenging work earning more money). 

Some related occupations, such as power washing, can offer additional earning potential for workers. Power washing uses high-temperature water in addition to powerful blasts of water to conduct a thorough clean. Although very similar to pressure washing, power washing offers improved cleaning power and the service may command rates double standard pressure washing. 

What does it take to succeed in the pressure washing industry? 

As an independent business owner, you’ll need to commit to your own success and work diligently to move your business forward. This includes working hard to find new customers and market your services to the community. If you spend too little time investing in your business, you won’t see the returns and success you want. 

These characteristics make it more likely that you’ll find success as a pressure washer: 

  • Hard work and dedication: If you want to find customers, you’ll have to remain dedicated and focused. There will probably be a few times when you feel like quitting, and you’ll need perseverance to get you through those tough workdays. 
  • Marketing and networking: You’ll have to get the word out about your pressure washing business, or else you probably won’t stay busy with new jobs. Connect with local homeowners, hardware stores, contractors, businesses, and other possible referral sources. 
  • Pressure washing skills and knowledge: It helps to know how pressure washing works and how to provide the service effectively for others. Specialized skills such as power cleaning or commercial pressure washing can help you earn more. 
  • Customer service skills: The ability to troubleshoot and interact positively with customers will work to your advantage. You will need to interact with customers at least occasionally, and you need to make a positive impression when you do.
  • Business acumen: Having the dedication and business savvy necessary to win over customers and make business decisions will help you become more successful. 

With the right preparation and planning, you can get your business on the right footing. 

Setting Up Your Office

Besides these skills and strengths, you should get your back office ready for work. Managing a busy pressure washing business is easier with the right administrative and software support. Your new pressure washing business needs a few of these basics to achieve and maintain success. 

  • Get your licensing, permits, insurance, etc. in order: Having your business licensed, bonded, and insured can help you win new business by giving your customers peace of mind. Your state, county, or city may also require special licenses and permits before you can work. Research all of these requirements carefully before you begin. 
  • Administrative support: Although it’s likely that you’ll be responsible for some of the admin work in your business, outsourcing some of this or hiring an office assistant could be a smart move that could save you time.
  • Bookkeeping: Keep a close eye on your business finances to help ensure your new company’s continued success. Accounting programs like QuickBooks can help you stay on top of these needs.
  • Scheduling and dispatching: Busy pressure washing businesses need the right scheduling software to help them stay organized and dispatch employees out to customer homes and businesses. 

As you cross these items off your to-do list, you’ll have more infrastructure to support the work you do. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to rent an office somewhere. If you want, you could run your office out of your home and save these costs. Whatever you do, find a way you can focus and stay productive. Surround yourself with the right tools, work hard, and your success should follow.