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January 21, 2021


Scheduling Jobs with Plumbing Booking Software

What scheduling options does the modern plumbing business have?

At some point you’ve probably wondered; is there a modern alternative to scheduling my company’s jobs that doesn’t involve paper work orders? Can I somehow go paperless and take advantage of technology to bring my company into the future? Well, we’ve got the answers: yes and yes!

Smart Service: Plumbing Booking Software

If you need a paperless solution to dispatching and scheduling jobs for your work force, you need a plumbing scheduling software like Smart Service. With Smart Service, you can schedule jobs for your employees quickly and easily.

With Smart Service you can schedule one-time, recurring, and multi-day jobs for your plumbing customers. Do you have a customer calling in with a leaky faucet? What about a school with a burst pipe? Or a high-rise that needs lines replaced? No problem! You can easily schedule a job directly to one of your certified plumbers, including all the information they need to fix the issue. The Smart Service mobile app–available for both Apple and Android devices–allows your plumbers to complete the job on any phone or tablet.

QuickBooks Integration

Smart Service-QuickBooks integration allows you to complete a job and immediately send the invoice to QuickBooks. This will simplify your billing process, creating a one-stop-shop for all your business administration. Additionally, with the Smart Service mobile app, your plumbers can add line items to the job. Need to charge for parts and materials? Manual labor time? Flat-rate fees? No problem! And with time tracking, plumbing techs can directly apply their time spent on the job to an hourly rate.

Going Mobile

With availability on all modern Android and iOS devices, the Smart Service mobile app provides fast, easy, and convenient ways for your plumbers to perform work for your company. Whether they use their personal smart phones and tablets or company-issued alternatives, your customers can begin their work day from their driveway or the company parking lot. Either way, they’ll find their schedule directly on their mobile device.

GPS navigation ties into the Smart Service mobile app, allowing your technicians to drive directly to their appointments. At a glance, they can see their entire schedule for the day, a number of days, or just the next job on the agenda. You can customize these settings from Smart Service to fit your business needs.

Other notable Smart Service features include:

  • Text messaging customers to notify them of an inbound technician
  • Up-to-date statuses of ongoing jobs throughout the workday
  • Emailing customers work orders/invoices after job completion
  • Inventory management for equipment and parts stored on plumber’s vehicles
  • Advanced routing features to efficiently schedule multiple jobs in a work day
  • Equipment tracking for individual customers and locations
  • Support for customized PDF forms, such as invoices, city, and state mandated forms
  • Convenient time tracking options to push job hours to QuickBooks payroll
  • Access to previous work history, documents, and job-site photos
  • Fast, easy, and convenient payment processing options

Final Thoughts

Whether your plumbing company provides services to residential customers, commercial customers, or recurring service, maintenance, and repairs, Smart Service will make your life better and easier. Smart Service dispatching and scheduling makes it easy for you to create customers and schedule jobs for them. If you provide services for larger commercial customers, you can select recurring and multi-day scheduling options to make sure your plumbers can handle even the largest jobs. Standard service, maintenance, and repair jobs are no problem with Smart Service.

Smart Service is the leading dispatching and scheduling software available in the plumbing industry. The award-winning customer support allows you or your plumbers to call in with questions about the software. The team of trainers will onboard you with our software, giving you a thorough walkthrough on the basics of the software. You’ll also have a robust online manual for Smart Service, as well as a library of webinars and weekly, online training sessions. So, what’s stopping you from making the switch to Smart Service? Request a demo today!