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January 25, 2021


Mobile Pest Control Work Orders and Mobile Job Creation

How can you profit from creating pest control work orders in the field?

You never know quite what to expect in the pest control industry. Jobs don’t always come in the one-and-done variety. Oftentimes, you need to go back in order to get things done right. Pests and rodents don’t have a set schedule. They come and go as they please, whenever and wherever they want. This makes keeping them in check a constant battle, often necessitating quarterly service or a return trip to a building with little or no advance notice. 

Creating Pest Control Work Orders on the Fly

During a return or quarterly service call, you could deal with any number of pests or rodents. Your customers will want to know what you treated and protected their household from. Wouldn’t you like to have the ability to create a work order right then and there with all the treated pests and rodents for them to see?

Creating work orders in the field will save you a ton of time and resources. Physical paperwork will become a thing of the past when all your work orders go digital. You’ll no longer have to dig around drawers, trucks, or filing cabinets for old customer or service records. Creating digital work orders in the field allows techs to send completed paperwork to the customer after completing service. No one will have any confusion as to the pests that got treated and where bait was left.

Digital Work Orders

Digital work orders are the future These days, everything is online and in the cloud. That means your business now has the ability to store all of your work online, safely and efficiently. Storing your work orders online will allow you to easily access them at any moment, from anywhere. This information can prove very handy, especially when doing return services. Anytime a technician needs to go refill bait boxes, they can reference their locations on a previous work order. Digital info means endless time-saving possibilities.

Targeted Pest Digital Work Orders

Targeted pest work orders allow you to highlight and show what pests you targeted. These work orders highlight targeted pests, how you treated the targeted pests, and how much (and what) product you used. You can now show your customer where you used two gallons of Temprid to get rid of their spiders, for example. These work orders help visually show your customers exactly what happened. Creating these work orders digitally will allow you to easily email your customers this information.

How the Pest Control Software Smart Service Brings Digital Work Orders to Life

In today’s tech-driven world, digital work orders have become critical to the operation of a pest control business. With the pest control software Smart Service, your technicians can create work orders in the field. Your technician will never have to waste time manually writing down whether they used Temprid or Bifen. With the Smart Service mobile app, your technician can select from a list which product or pesticides they used. This will boost your technician’s productivity and allow them to focus on the job instead of the paperwork.

The Smart Service mobile app also allows techs to add photos to work orders, which can document bait box locations, bait refills, and various other pest management items. If a return service is needed, the next technician will even have access to the previous notes and work order!

Oftentimes, a return service is needed for cockroach treatment. With Smart Service, all your technicians will always be on the same page as to the progress of any given treatment, even those performed by a coworker. Whenever you have a return service for ants, your technicians will see that Taurus was used last time and that knockdown agents shouldn’t be used until the ants are gone. This will also improve the quality of upcoming services. Using Smart Service to create work orders in the field will help grow your pest control business.