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January 25, 2021


HVAC Fleet Tracking and Technician Tracking

Quickly and accurately tracking technicians will help your HVAC business reach the next level.

Technology has come a long long way in the past few years. Nowadays can do things that we couldn’t even imaginable before, and everyone you know walks around with a supercomputer in their pocket. Smart phones can track almost any information, allowing us to finally get away from paper.

Another thing phones can track? People! This gives HVAC businesses a great way to track their technicians, and, more importantly, their technicians’ job progress. The right HVAC software opens up a ton of possibilities. In this article, we take a look at the fleet tracking and technician tracking options available today.

Tracking Your HVAC Technicians

Every HVAC company wants to grow. That means that if you fail to adapt to the changing times, you’ll get left behind. Many HVAC companies have already started to track employees with HVAC software.

Tracking employees benefits your HVAC company in multiple ways. First, the data allows you to track of how long it took an employee to drive to a job, how long that employee worked at the job, and even what route that employee took to get to the job site.

Tracking your employees also gives you the power to dispatch an employee to a nearby site for new or emergency work. You’ll also have proof your employee made it to the job site, and at what time (should a dispute arise later).

GPS tracking also ensures your employees do not abuse company time. If someone takes a three-hour lunch break, you’ll know.

HVAC Fleet Tracking

Assets are company-owned property. Keeping precise track of assets helps keep a business afloat; you’ll always know the location of your assets and the last reason they were used.

Asset management can also track of how many miles a vehicle has and the upcoming service the vehicle may need. Asset management can track when the asset was purchased and for what amount for financial records. Keeping track of company assets will save your HVAC company precious time.

HVAC Tracking Software

Smart Service is a full-service HVAC software system with a ton of features. It allows you to create and dispatch jobs immediately, tracking work in the office and dispatching assignments to technicians’ mobile devices in the field.

Meanwhile, the Smart Service mobile app will generate timestamps and geolocations of your technicians’ routes, sending this info back to the office. You can use this information to inform future customers of your tech’s ETA. These geolocations also help track employee progress, helping office staff keep everyone on task throughout the day.

The Smart Service mobile app has many other useful features, such as asset management. Asset management allows you to keep track of any assets the company owns, including service vehicles. Track which jobs the asset in question has been checked out for, as well as the GPS coordinates for where the asset was left.

The Smart Service mobile app also tracks vehicle mileage and upcoming service dates. When an asset requires service, Smart Service can mark that asset as temporarily unavailable. If you’ve leased an asset, you can track the leasing information. Smart Service gives HVAC businesses a great way to keep track of company assets and employees.