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January 27, 2021


Use HVAC Booking Software to Grow Your Business

HVAC booking software can reduce wasted time and allow your company to squeeze more billable work into each work day.

HVAC booking software like Smart Service can help your business run in the most efficient and the most effective way possible, providing you with all the tools you need to handle any situation the day throws at you. With the right software tools, you can easily handle recurring maintenance, emergency repairs, jobs waiting to get scheduled, and jobs that need rescheduled. Simply put, HVAC software can help you stay organized in everything that you do.

Handling Preventative Maintenance

With HVAC booking software like Smart Service, you can handle all of your recurring maintenance jobs with ease. In Smart Service, scheduling a semi-annual maintenance plan is easy as creating a job and selecting a recurrence pattern:

HVAC Booking Preventative Maintenance

Another huge benefit when scheduling preventative maintenance in Smart Service? Having those jobs on an easy to view calendar. Looking ahead to see upcoming agenda gives you the power to maximize what you can do in your schedule.

HVAC Booking Software Scheduler Screen

Smart Service also gives you the ability to create, edit, invoice, and terminate your service agreements, all in one convenient place.

Using a Waiting List

Without software, it’s extremely difficult to remember jobs you can’t schedule yet (because you have to wait on parts, etc.). However, with Smart Service, you can use a built-in waiting list to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Whether you have to wait on parts or wait for customer approval, you can stick the job on the built-in waiting list and schedule it once the situation changes.

HVAC Booking Wait List

In Smart Service, the waiting list is fully customizable. You can control exactly what information you want to see on these jobs and can always change them if needed.


Rescheduling jobs via pen and paper is no easy feat. With Smart Service, you can simply click a job and drag it to another slot on the calendar. The software takes care of the rest.

Providing these tools to your dispatcher will make their job significantly easier and will ensure your business never forgets (or forgets to bill for) any work.

Overall Organization and Convenience

In addition to scheduling, the HVAC booking software Smart Service also provides you the tools to keep everything in your business organized and accessible. We all know paperwork gets lost all the time in even the most organized of workplaces. An incoming phone call distracts you from refiling some old invoice and then suddenly it vanishes. Digitize your work orders and forms, and these worries will disappear. Additionally, with Smart Service you can manage your customers, create all of your work orders quicker, and manage all your attachments and photos. 

Managing customers in Smart Service is a snap. You can create, delete and deactivate customers with a just a few clicks, keeping your customer base as accurate as possible. You can also easily create a new customer whenever the phone rings with a new inquiry.

Creating work orders for your customer becomes an instantaneous part of the scheduling process with Smart Service. As soon as you set up your job, your field technicians can start filling out the work order on their mobile devices. They can even add photos to log their work!

Final Thoughts

These features represent just the tip of the iceberg as far as what Smart Service can do for you and your business. If you want to get a bigger picture of how your company can grow with HVAC booking software, request a free demo today.