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January 26, 2021


HVAC Ads: Ideas, Examples, and More

Need inspiration for your next HVAC ad? Take a look at some new ideas and where on the web you should place them.

HVAC services will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean customers will automatically flock to your business. This field has some intense competition, and you need every advantage possible if you want to increase your customer base.

Like it or not, that means advertising. All field service businesses must do at least some advertising, especially those in HVAC. You’re already an expert at HVAC, but running a successful business means becoming an expert on advertising as well. While word of mouth marketing will always work wonders for your business, you need some extra oomph to get the word out in the first place.

Why should I advertise? 

Some HVAC professionals can get by without advertising. So, you might wonder; is advertising worth the money/hassle? Done well, advertising can change your business overnight. The right ads will: 

  • Get more traffic and bookings through your website. 
  • Meet customers when they’re interested in chatting with you. 
  • Increase revenue. 

Instead of hunting down referrals manually, advertising brings qualified customers directly to your doorstep. Stop working so hard: invest in these 5 smart advertising venues to grow your HVAC business. 

  1. Facebook

One billion people use Facebook. If you want to build trust with local customers, you probably already have a Facebook page. 

Facebook also gives you plenty of advertising options. This means you can advertise HVAC services to people who haven’t followed you yet. That makes Facebook a powerful tool for increasing sales. 

Take your most popular Facebook posts and turn them into paid ads. This will promote your HVAC services to the Facebook feeds of users interested in them. 

On social media, it’s okay to be witty or a little funny with your advertising. As long as it’s reasonably professional and gets the message across, have some fun here. You need a stellar, engaging ad to grab customers’ attention on a crowded space like social media. 

  1. Yelp

Customers flock to Yelp when they’re ready to book service. Advertising on Yelp puts you in front of folks who need HVAC service ASAP, boosting your bookings immediately. 

If you don’t already have a Yelp account, sign up. Completely fill out your profile page and add relevant photos. Sign up for Yelp Advertising and you’ll see your business at the top of the listing page. According to Yelp, 89% of its users book service within a week, so this can become a goldmine for quick bookings. 

While you can have a little fun on social media, you want to keep things professional on Yelp. Emphasize any deals or specials you’re running, as well as your professional experience, certifications, or awards. You want to build immediate trust. 

  1. Google Search Ads

Where do you go when you need information? Odds are, you turn to a search engine like Google. Your customers do the same when they need HVAC work. Fortunately, Google offers a plethora of advertising options for HVAC businesses. 

If you sign up as a Local Service with Google Ads, you can display at the very top of Google’s search results

This type of ad is unique to HVAC pros, and it’s a great way to make the most of your advertising budget. If you’re looking for customers in a particular area, be sure to use Google’s geotargeting feature. This ensures your ads display only to customers in a certain ZIP, state, or city. You can even specify where you don’t want to run ads.

For Google search ads, emphasize your ability to respond ASAP, any deals or specials you have running, freebies, and contact information. 

  1. Google Banner Ads

Google also offers banner advertising options for HVAC businesses. This displays image ads to customers as they surf the web.

Banner ads are perfect for retargeting customers. These are the people who visit your website or social media and don’t book service. Banner ads bring these customers back to your site, getting you more bookings for less advertising spend. 

Keep your banner ads short and simple. You can attract distracted customers with simple, value-laden ads. For example, lean on specials, instant service options, and customer pain points. That might sound like, “Feeling the heat? Get a tune-up this afternoon.” 

  1. Nextdoor

Your customers trust local, neighborhood businesses. You can tap into a local customer base by advertising on the neighborhood social media platform Nextdoor. Create a free business page on the site and promote your services in users’ feeds for hyper-local advertising.  

Nextdoor users might not be searching specifically for HVAC repair while using the platform, so keep your ads more general, like Home Depot’s.

Closing Thoughts

Experts predict the HVAC industry will continue growing well into the future. But if you want your business to grow along with the industry, you need to connect with customers in the right way. Lean into digital advertising to bring the most customers possible to your HVAC business.