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January 25, 2021


Holiday Gift Ideas for Garage Door Technicians

This holiday season, get the garage door technician in your life the perfect gift.

The proper tools and equipment can transform a simple job into a long and fulfilling career. This holiday season, get that garage technician in your life the tools they need to complete their work safely and efficiently. We’ve compiled some ideas to help you out. Read on!

A Safe and Dependable Ladder

Every garage door repair technician needs a quality ladder that they can trust their life with. Something as simple as a 6’ step ladder may handle the job, but a technician in more of a commercial setting may need a quality extension ladder. When shopping for a ladder, consider the load capacity that the ladder can handle. Higher load capacities will cost more money, but they will keep technicians (and any additional load) much safer. A dependable ladder will put your technician’s mind at ease. 

High Quality Work Boots

In any hands-on industry, a quality pair of work boots can protect some of a tech’s most valuable assets: their feet! Not only can a quality pair of boots provide protection, they can also provide a good amount of comfort. When choosing a pair of boots, don’t cheap out! Quality boots can last years, where a cheaper pair will wear out and need replaced in a matter of months. (Also, depending on your climate, you may want to look at a separate pair of boots for the winter.)

High Quality Winding Bars

While a relatively inexpensive gift, winding bars can be a real life saver when it comes to service technicians or installers dealing with torsion springs. Some technicians use DIY methods to create their winding bars (or will even use a screwdriver). While DIY methods usually work, the forces applied by these springs can cause injury and possible even death. Don’t let your tech take that chance. Instead, get them the proper tools!

Impact Wrench

With new advancements in battery technology, impact wrenches keep getting more convenient and less expensive. A high quality impact wrench can save your technician time while installing a new door or removing an old one. Some of the newer models can get as expensive as $300. While we don’t suggest running out and purchasing one of these $300 models, you shouldn’t go for a cheaper model, since this tool will get used and abused. A solid battery powered impact wrench should do just fine for most technicians. Remember, battery powered tools come in handy when there isn’t any power running to the garage you are working in!

Work Truck

If you’re really in the spirit of giving, you can get your technician a new work truck! Having a proper vehicle with the necessary equipment can dictate the work a tech can tackle. The biggest things to look for? Check out the ladder rack and tool bins. Having the space to properly sort and store materials and tools for the job will help techs tackle jobs efficiently and easily. 

Scheduling Software: Smart Service

In our fast-paced world, a garage door service technician (and field service businesses in general) can greatly benefit from scheduling software. A program like Smart Service can assist in the day to day tasks of scheduling jobs, creating new customers, and storing equipment information. Smart Service can also help with your routing. Create an efficient route from the office to each job in the workday with just a few clicks of the mouse! Do away with all of your janky paper invoices and all of the clutter in the technicians’ work vehicles and in the office! Schedule a demo with Smart Service today to learn more.