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February 24, 2021


How to Get Reviews on Angie’s List for your Field Service Management Company

Learn how get more good reviews on sites like Angie's List.

Field service management companies rely on word of mouth to generate new business. In this modern era, many recommendations come through online reviews. These reviews become the foundation for a contractor’s online reputation. Every business needs an ongoing strategy for soliciting reviews and dealing with negative feedback on uncontrolled venues like Angie’s List.

The Importance of Reviews

Electronic word of mouth represents one of the most influential forms of unofficial media. The internet has transformed traditional word of mouth into a digital format that anyone can see at any time. These reviews can spread faster and to more people. Every day, potential customers use crowd-sourced review sites to make decisions. Review platforms aggregate a range of data from across all reviews on the site. Many customers seek out online reviews before making purchasing decisions.

Due to search engines, online review sites are easy to find and access. Review sites like Angie’s Lists have existed for a long time. They have good search engine optimization (SEO) that lead to high rankings in searches for field service management businesses. Review sites are often the first thing customers see when searching for field service management.

How to Get Reviews on Angie’s List

Many Angie’s List members submit feedback about the service companies they hire. They provide details about the cost and experience working with a given business. Each review has a grade based on response time, price, professionalism, and quality of work. Angie’s List sets reviews on an A to F grading scale. An algorithm averages all recent reviews to calculate an overall grade.

To have any control over their listing, contractors first have to register as a business. Start by entering business details on the Angie’s List Business Center home page. The website will walk you though the account setup. Registering provides access to customized review collection tools and the messaging center.

Once active, contractors need to garner real world reviews. Read on for specific strategies for how to get reviews on Angie’s List.

Inspiring Positive Reviews

Most reviews on Angie’s List are either As or Fs. There aren’t many middle-of-the-road reviews on user-generated content. This is because many people who write those reviews do so based on emotional reactions.

People who had a fabulous customer experience want to tell the world how great it was. Likewise, negative experiences inspire angry customers to leave bad reviews. In the end, most reviews stem from an emotional impression of a company.

The key is to delight customers so they’re more likely to develop positive feelings. Here are some simple strategies to inspire positive emotions:

  1. Body language — Smile when interacting with customers. Also sit up straight, nod in agreement, and uncross your arms. Maintaining positive body language increases the likelihood of a positive customer experience.
  2. Friendliness — Welcome customers, say “thank you,” speak clearly, and find something positive to say.
  3. Individuality — Relate to the client by developing a personal connection. Identify yourself by name and use their name in the conversation.
  4. Transparency — Be honest, helpful, and knowledgeable. If you don’t know the answer to a customer’s question, offer to find the information.

Clients who have positive customer experiences tend to develop company loyalty. This can translate into positive word of mouth and recommendations.

Soliciting Reviews

Even the most satisfied customers won’t always think to write a review. People tend to only review service companies when something goes wrong. This leads to great businesses having poor ratings online.

Contractors can directly request reviews from customers. The best way to do this? Just ask! A person-to-person request is the most effective way to get reviews on Angie’s List. Consider requiring your technicians to ask customers for a review before leaving each job site.

If you have limited face-to-face interactions with a client, an email can sometimes do the trick. The best practice is to send the email from the person who communicates with that client. Keep it simple with a clear call to action to leave a review on the review site.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

Review sites like Angie’s List accept both positive and negative reviews. They generally won’t remove reviews unless the poster agrees to delete them.

Of course, field service companies don’t want to see bad reviews about the quality of their work. However, legitimate critiques can guide businesses in how to develop better customer service. Providers can often repair their ratings by telling their side of the story and working to address clients’ concerns.

Angie’s List offers complaint resolution. If a company resolves an issue to the customer’s satisfaction, then they remove the old, negative feedback. The customer can then submit an updated review to explain that the contractor resolved the problem.


Electronic word of mouth is the foundation for your online reputation. Field service management firms need a clear plan for dealing with online reviews—good and band. This starts with learning how to get reviews on Angie’s List.