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January 27, 2021


Routing With and Without Garage Door Service Software

Better garage door routing techniques can allow you to squeeze in more work, driving revenue.

Since man has had schedules, we have looked for ways to make our routes as efficient as possible, from using celestial bodies to natural and man-made markings. In today’s modern age, we can use better technology to assist us in providing an accurate route. Efficient routing can save your garage door company money in the form of fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and wasted time.

What kind of routing options do garage door businesses have?

From using a compass and the stars to a pen and paper map to a phone with GPS, routing technology has constantly grown and improved. The latest evolution? Garage door service software. With the right garage door routing system, you can create a well-timed, organized, cost-saving route that will put your company ahead of the competition. Most businesses use some form of routing already, whether that takes the shape of pen and paper, a spreadsheet, or even just a technician’s knowledge of a service area. Using garage service software instead, you can maximize the amount of stops made each day and assign drivers to specific areas of town.

The Benefits of Efficient Routing

On any given day, your company could have jobs scheduled all over town. In the past, most businesses simply asked the customer what time they would like to have a service done, then scheduled their service as close to possible to that request, heedless of how well it fit into existing plans/routes. If you have a full schedule already, squeezing in an emergency job can become a real headache. Technology can ease that pain.

Best Practices for Garage Door Routing

Today, you can simply type an address into any of the major search engines and have it give you precise instructions on how to get there. Many companies use this as sort of a primitive approach to creating their own routes. Such companies may think, “if it isn’t broken, why bother to fix it?” The answer? Money.

In general, you would like to have your individual techs do a series of jobs in the same area to maximize production time and minimize windshield time. With the Smart Service routing module, your company will be able to create a seamless, cost-saving, fuel-saving, efficient route to each job throughout your work week.

With Smart Service, you can adjust your route as needed. You can easily move jobs between technicians or add an emergency job to an existing route. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse.

Routing in Smart Service means you have options, from regularly scheduled service (such as preventative maintenance) to finding the best spot for a new customer in your previously completed schedule. Using this software will save your company money by providing an efficient route to and from each and every job.

Smart Service also helps with rescheduling. Rescheduling a job in the middle an already jam-packed day can get tricky. You have multiple things to track, from making sure your technician is aware of the cancellation to making sure you have time available to reschedule the service. With modern technology, finding a time slot becomes a very simple task:

Getting Started with Garage Service Software

Don’t overlook efficient routing as a cost saving tactic. A timely schedule and efficient route can save you money, reduce strains on company vehicles, reduce technician frustrations, and make your customers happy with prompt service. Take a leap forward by demoing Smart Service garage door routing software today.