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January 26, 2021


Digital Marketing Tips for Garage Door Companies

Conquer the world of online marketing with this quick, easy guide!

These days, most business happens online. While the garage door industry has existed for quite some time, the digital marketing landscape has changed quite a bit with the ongoing development of the internet. Fortunately, your business can take many steps online that can drive in new business and help ensure future success. This article looks at some tips for making the most of digital marketing for your garage door company.

Company Website

According to research conducted by the Pew Research Center, approximately 95% of Americans own a cell phone, and about 77% of those own smartphones. Update your website to make it mobile friendly. This ensures that your site will look great no matter what device your customers choose to use to browse the web. Your site creates the first impression of your business, so make sure you make a good one.

Reviewing and Managing Your Reputation

By definition, the garage door business requires your techs to enter your customer’s homes, so any potential buyer will likely want to know that you are trustworthy. A simple way to ensure this? Leverage your relationships with current and past clients through online reviews.

To retrieve these, send out an email after each service you do for customers fill out. You can also harness your social media platforms and audience to the same end.

From this feedback, you can solicit testimonials to add to your website. Ask for a quote from some of your most enthusiastic customers. Testimonials from your best clients help display the level of service that your company offers. This can set you apart from the competition.

Spending Your Time and Money Wisely

You can spread your spending on digital marketing over several outlets or choose to focus on specific avenues to get the best possible return on your investment. With so many options available for your digital marketing strategy, you need to ensure that you do not spend time or money unnecessarily.

Dominating Search Results

Garage doors and related services don’t exactly represent a day to day consideration for most people. Some homeowners or commercial business could go years before shopping for anything garage-related. When they do though, the first thing that they will do is conduct a basic search via a search engine. When they perform a search, you want your business to appear prominently in the results. You can manage your search placements in several ways.

  • PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) – The pay per click or cost per click model of advertisement can direct a lot of traffic to your website—for a price. This type of ad relies on auction-based systems such as Bing and Google Ads. Bidding high on these ads will get your company to show up in the top positions of search results—as an advertisement.
  • Google My Business – Google My Business consists of the review platform and maps listing used by Google for geo-targeted searches. Setting up and ranking here can improve the visibility of your business and give you control over the consistency of the information provided. This should help ensure that the information about your business and related services remains accurate every time it shows up in a search result.
  • Organic Website Listings – Organic website listings refer to the natural/unpaid listings of your website on any search results page. These are based on the results of search engines crawling web pages and deeming the content it finds there valuable for the term searched.

    Appearing high in these listings takes a long term approach, but you’ll find the efforts you make here incredibly worthwhile. When focusing on good organic results, you should consider:

    • Properly optimizing your website for search engines.
    • Creating a blog and blog content to supplement your online marketing efforts.
    • Expanding the size of your website and the quality of information it contains.

Social Media & Blogs

Content marketing via social media and blogs can make a significant difference. When shopping for garage doors or experiencing an issue with a current system, people will typically do some online research. When they do, you want to help provide the answers they seek.

The use of blog and video content can provide prospective customers invaluable information while generating new leads for your business.


While the internet may seem like the wild west at times, you need to harness these best practices to ensure that you build a robust online presence. This presence can make a significant difference in increasing your customer base.

Amber Whaley is a content writer and digital marketing professional who is passionate about helping businesses succeed. She has used her techniques in digital marketing to help businesses grow in every industry, from home loans to law practices.