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October 19, 2020


Marketing With Online Field Service Reviews

In any industry, customer opinion counts. With so many avenues available online for customers to leave reviews of companies, some doubtlessly exist for your company. This creates an opportunity to respond to what consumers say about your organization. Online reviews represent a tremendous avenue for businesses to get feedback and acknowledge the needs of their customers.

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Scheduling Software Can Put Money Back in Your Pocket

The benefits of service scheduling software can increase a field service company’s productivity and assist in preserving hard-earned revenue. Going digital with field service software gives your business a competitive edge, allowing technicians to access schedules and customer data in the field. Service scheduling software speeds up the communication process by opening a direct line between field workers and administrative staff. This, in turn, cuts down on the time wasted entering data multiple times, eliminating the margin of error that ultimately costs money.

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What is Field Service Software?

Deciding whether your business needs field service software or dispatch software in order to run more efficiently is a complex process. Part of this complexity involves familiarizing yourself with all of the relevant terminology concerning these softwares. Fortunately, the Smart Service team can help make things simple! Use the definitions we’ve prepared below to learn the language and terminology of field service software. Do this, and you will be more prepared to decide if your business needs some!

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Smart Leads Product Demonstration

Most service businesses put a lot of time and money into building and maintaining their websites. If this effort weren’t already enough, many companies continue to pour money into marketing campaigns and SEO strategies in an effort to constantly drive traffic to their digital domains. Oftentimes, a website can feel like a money pit. After making so hefty an investment in yours, it’s important to get some return on all those hard-earned dollars. Enter Smart Leads. Smart Leads gives service businesses of all shapes and specializations the ability to turn website traffic into revenue. Check out this brief demonstration video to get an idea of how it works: Smart Leads ties a service request form on your website to the […]

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Routzy: The Ultimate Sales Tool

Do you wish your service company had a better way to make sales in the field? Would you like to turn your sales reps into completely self-sufficient sales champions? Do you crave the ability to move from the moment you first contact a lead to the moment work is completed—in the same software system? Well, we’ve got some good news! This week, our team proudly unveiled the solution to all of your problems. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce Routzy, the ultimate mobile sales tool! What is Routzy? Routzy is a do it all sales center condensed into a spiffy, intuitive iPad app. Give your reps Routzy, and you’ve given them a customer database that goes wherever they do. Watch with […]

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Perks of Going Mobile

In 2015, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by technology. With smart phones, tablets, laptops, and more all vying for your attention, it’s hard to determine what move your company should make. Should you embrace the efficiency and speed of new technology or stick with an old-fashioned, offline approach? It’s a tough question. Luckily, your friends at My Service Depot are here to help. We’ve prepared a handy infographic to help you draw your own conclusion. Is going mobile the right move for your service business? Take a look at what the numbers say!  

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