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Best Truck for Construction Work in 2019

If you work in construction, you need a good truck. Take a look at some of the best options on the market.

In the construction business, a great truck by your side often proves essential. From visiting muddy job sites to hauling heavy materials, only a truck can keep up with your hands-on workload. As the essential tool for your business, it’s one expense that you don’t want to cut corners on. In this industry, your truck fulfills many purposes—serving as your office, your most-used tool, and the most important member of your crew.

A reliable, durable and sturdy truck keeps your business running smoothly. Four-wheel drive is ideal, as you never know where your work might take you or what the weather might bring. If you spend a good portion of your workday in your truck, a good interior will prove helpful, too.

Whether your work requires something heavy-duty or something a bit lighter, we’ve broken down our three favorite trucks in each segment. The best trucks for construction work in 2019 come in three different class options to suit the needs of your particular business.

1. Full-Size Pickup: Chevrolet Silverado

Starting at $32,000

The rugged Chevrolet Silverado works well for those unafraid of hard work, bringing all the features you need for a long day on the job. From an excellent towing capacity to a durable interior, the Silverado makes the perfect full-size pickup for the rigors of construction work. 

If heavy-duty trailering isn’t in your daily routine, the Silverado makes the perfect in-between. The available 5.3-liter V8 engine can take on up to 11,000 pounds in towing capacity, while still maintaining a best-in-class fuel economy of up to 24 miles per gallon on the highway. 

Inside the cab, you’ll find one major benefit: built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. This keeps you connected to your office and your customers wherever the job might take you. Connect your devices and keep up with your client’s emails, calls and more, even in areas where phone service might be less than great. If you use construction software, you’ll have the ability to make schedule updates and complete work orders. You’ll also notice that the Silverado’s work truck design includes an easy-to-clean rubberized-vinyl flooring, perfect for keeping your truck pristine on the inside. 

If you need more space and power than the smaller Colorado has to offer, but don’t quite need a heavy-duty truck, the Chevrolet Silverado makes the ideal option. Whether you’d call yourself a “Chevy Guy” or not, the Silverado definitely begs some attention, given the money-saving fuel economy and great Wi-Fi connectivity features. 

2. Heavy Duty Pickup: Ford F-250 

Starting at $33,150

An American favorite for generations, the Ford F-Series has long served as a staple in work fleets across the country. Ford makes some tough trucks, and the Super Duty series brings some serious advantages you’ll want to take note of. At a price point just barely higher than many of the standard-duty trucks on the market, you’ll get the most power for your money with this truck.

If you spend a lot of time hauling large machinery or the like to and from work sites, the F-250 will simplify that. It has the best-in-class towing capacity, capable of pulling more than other heavy-duty competitors. With technology like the trailer reverse guidance and up to seven available cameras, this truck takes the guesswork out of reversing and backing with a trailer. 

You’ll also notice a great variety of engine options, including a Flex-Fuel V8 compatible with E85 and a Power Stroke diesel option. The F-250 is designed to be as efficient as it is tough. 

3. Midsize Pickup: Nissan Frontier

Starting at $18,990

Known as an incredibly affordable and durable option, the Nissan Frontier has proved itself a great option for those in need of a mid-size pickup truck. A no-frills philosophy appeals to those in the market for something that works hard for a minimal amount of money. 

If the ability to throw tools, supplies, and more into a truck’s bed is more important to you than towing capacity and high payloads, the Frontier is one option that will make sense for you (though it also offers about 3,760 pounds of towing capacity, just in case). Bed sizes up to 73 inches will fit larger objects, too. 

Though not a Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge, the Nissan Frontier keeps becoming increasingly popular among those in search of an affordable mid-sized pickup truck for construction work. Because of its lower price point, it appeals to many small business owners who need to get the job done rather than enjoy the bells and whistles of other trucks in this segment. 

J.D. Power and Associates have ranked the Frontier for the past three years as the “Highest-Ranked Mid-size Pickup in Initial Quality,” an honor proven true with this option. Affordable and dependable, the Frontier certainly makes an option to consider for those in the market for a mid-sized truck.