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January 22, 2021


The Best Plumbing Blogs of 2020

Bone up on plumbing industry trends and technology with these outstanding resources.

As a plumbing professional, you’ve always got a lot on your plate. Of course, the industry won’t sit still, just for you. While you work hard and serve customers, plumbing technology and the business marketplace constantly evolve. How can you keep up with the latest and greatest plumbing trends, technology, and tips? 

One way to stay informed is to rely on trustworthy sources so you know everything happening in the world of plumbing. Plumbing videos, social media channels, and blogs represent a great way to stay on top of everything going on in the industry.

Whether you want technical guidance or marketing ideas, check out these 10 popular plumbing blogs. They’ll not only help you solve tricky problems, they’ll help you build a sense of community with your fellow plumbers. 

  1. r/Plumbing

Reddit isn’t a blog, but a thriving social network. The Plumbing Reddit thread serves as a great place to hone your skills, learn about unique (and strange) plumbing situations, and build camaraderie with other field service professionals. Currently, the thread seems focused on COVID-19 and how it may change the future of plumbing, funny finds in the field, and tricky plumbing questions. 

  1. Plumberparts

Not in the mood for reading? Check out the Plumberparts YouTube channel. It provides step by step instructions for solving both common and unusual plumbing predicaments. This makes it particularly useful for workers new to the field. Old-timers, meanwhile, will get a laugh at the channel’s “plumbing disaster” series. 

  1. Smart Service

Hey, we never said we were above a bit of shameless self-promotion! The article you’re currently reading is part of The Smart Service Dispatch, a publication created and maintained by the field service management software company, Smart Service. The Smart Service Dispatch offers advice for not only plumbers, but all field service technicians and professionals. Get tips for running your plumbing business more efficiently, finding work as a plumber, the best tools for your trade, and more. 

  1. Contractor Mag

While Contractor Mag is a magazine, you can also read it online. You’ll find a lot of amazing resources on the Contractor Mag website, including field service trends, plumber profiles, and upcoming industry events

  1. The Plumbing Info

The Plumbing Info has an area just for customers as well as a section for professionals. The section for plumbers includes a lot of material just for troubleshooting tricky problems on the job. You can even register on the site as a plumber and connect with customers who need service. 

  1. Roto-Rooter

Yes, trusty Roto-Rooter has a blog! There are a ton of resources on this site, so dig in. It has articles just for commercial plumbing, which will help you troubleshoot common problems in the field. 

  1. Plumbing Perspective

Unlike other blogs that cater to both customers and plumbers, Plumbing Perspective is just for the pros. It includes lots of industry news, including information on national events and conferences. You’ll love Plumbing Perspective’s tool reviews; check them out before investing in a piece of pricey equipment. 

  1. Express Sewer

Express Sewer focuses on customer education, but you can still learn something from it as a professional plumber. This blog serves as a great resource for getting into the mind of your customer. You’ll find that it works well for explaining complex plumbing concepts to your customers in simple ways. Sick of Mrs. Johnson pouring grease down the drain? Direct her to Express Sewer’s blog. 

  1. How To Plumbing

How To Plumbing is a valuable YouTube channel for plumbing pros. It covers everything from replacing parts to addressing tricky plumbing scenarios. How To Plumbing works as a great resource for handling new, unique situations in the field. 

  1. Plumbing & Mechanical

Plumbing & Mechanical provides professional plumbers with articles about plumbing codes, product reviews, and general plumbing tips. If you want to learn about new plumbing technology and read about your fellow plumbing professionals, give Plumbing & Mechanical a whirl.