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The Best HVAC Gloves for Field Technicians

Good HVAC gloves can keep your hands safe, warm, and comfortable, offering support in many common situations.

Finding the right gloves for HVAC work is a tall order, but many brands have risen to the challenge. The best HVAC gloves for field technicians provide dexterity and protection at the same time, while also making it possible to use smartphones or tablets and maintain comfort in all weather conditions.

What to Look for in HVAC Gloves

HVAC gloves need to prevent cuts from sharp sheet metal edges, while also allowing workers to maintain the ability to pick up nuts and bolts. Look for cut-resistant material with form-fitted fingertips. Electrical shortages are also hazards that HVAC field technicians encounter during their work, which makes a non-conducting material a wise choice for HVAC gloves. 

Refrigerant burns represent another major concern for those working in the HVAC field. Although HVAC technicians should be well-trained in how to handle refrigerant, it bears mentioning that refrigerant can cause extreme damage when it makes contact with bare skin. However, no glove will be able to protect you from refrigerant for more than a second, which buys you enough time to immediately remove the glove. Always proceed with caution!

Below we’ve listed some of the best HVAC gloves for field technicians.

Dex Fit Cut Resistant Gloves

These gloves may be thin, but they provide excellent cut resistance on the palm and back, meeting ANSI Cut A4 standards. The fingertips are form-fitted and allow you to use your smartphone or tablet without having to take off the gloves. Whether you’re handling sheet metal in dry, wet, or slightly oily conditions, the foam nitrile palm helps you keep a steady grip. 

The Dex Fit glove is perfect for hot summer weather with a breathable and flexible fabric, while a tight but flexible cuff keeps the glove securely in place. With many different colors to choose from, you can always easily locate your gloves among your gear. Perhaps best of all, they can go straight into the washing machine for cleaning. 

Ansell’s HyFlex

The HyFlex line of gloves by Ansell offers superior technology in a deceptively simple glove. The specialized “Ansell Grip” coating on the palm not only prevents dry, wet, or slightly oily materials from slipping out of your grasp, but also does some of the work for you. That’s because the grip technology is so advanced, you don’t need to apply as much force to the items you hold to achieve the same level of grip. Ansell says this will reduce muscle fatigue on the job. 

The HyFlex line is also cut-resistant and long-lasting with reinforced fabrics on the areas that receive the most stress. The gloves also have repellent technology to protect your skin from oils and lubricants, while a special ergonomic design keeps the muscles in your hands, wrists, and forearms uniquely supported during repetitive tasks. Some of the gloves are also able to protect your hands while briefly handling hot items up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Look for the ANSI Cut rating on Ansell’s HyFlex gloves. A few go past the Cut A4 rating to provide incredible protection against cuts and nicks. 

Mechanix Material 4X Work Gloves

The Mechanix Material 4X work gloves stand apart from the competition in terms of design and materials. Unlike some of the sleeker high-tech gloves on the market, these are rugged, heavy-duty gloves. Made of synthetic leather, the Material 4X gloves are machine washable and designed to be abrasion-resistant. Get a tight fit with an adjustable cuff strap, and enjoy long-lasting performance thanks to a reinforced thumb and index finger.

Although the palm is made of synthetic leather, the back is lightweight and ventilated, so this glove does not protect the back of your hand like some of the other gloves on this list. HVAC technicians might not consider this a problem, however. In that case, the ventilated back provides some necessary temperature control to keep your hands dry and cool.

MCR Safety Gloves – Predator Mechanic’s Gloves

MCR Safety Gloves offer comfort, protection, and convenience in a long-lasting, brightly-colored glove. MCR Safety Gloves typically have a synthetic leather palm with reinforced thumb to prevent wear and tear in the most vulnerable region. The fingers are touchscreen-friendly, and the back is made of lightweight, flexible material that provides a snug but comfortable fit. The adjustable cuff also lends itself to a custom fit.

MCR Safety has a wide variety of gloves to choose from, so be sure to select one that is cut-resistant, like the Predator Mechanic’s Gloves. These gloves have most of the features described above, but with additional grip on the palm for wet, dry, and slightly oily conditions, as well as a cut-resistant material on the palm and an impact-resistant material on the back. Whatever style or features you’re looking for can likely be found in MCR Safety’s glove catalog.

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