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January 18, 2021


The 15 Best Electrician Blogs

Looking to do some reading related to the electrician industry? Get started here!

Finally, a list of our favorite electrician blogs. We all love to waste spend time online, and these blogs represent some pretty great places to do it. 

If you want to get technical (and what electrician doesn’t?), some of these sites aren’t really blogs—a few are forums. Still, we think there’s a ton of value packed in these sites. Check them out to hang out with other electricians, share info, and learn more about everything happening in the industry. 

1. Electrical News

In publication for more than three decades, Electrical News shares global, national, and local news of interest to electricians and people within the electrical industry. Their information doesn’t just concern electrician issues—it also runs the gamut, covering electrical manufacturers, building contractors, and more. The publication includes industry news, company information, profiles, and updates on influential people and organizations as well as new ideas. 

2. r/electricians

Reddit is where a lot of internet communities live, and the online electrician community makes no exception. At r/electricians, you can find a large, active group of Redditors with an interest in everything electrical. You’ll find tons of professionals and enthusiasts here willing to chat about everything electric. 

3. Contractor Talk 

With forums dedicated to different trades, Contractor Talk hosts an electrician forum where you can talk shop and share before-and-after pics of your work (we also love the photo examples of DIY electrical work gone wrong). 

4. Electrician Talk 

Electrician Talk is a large forum with sections for everything from alternative energy to vintage electrical installations. It’s international in scope, with electricians from all over the world, so you can definitely find something new and interesting here. 

5. Electrical Career Now

Geared towards students and people thinking of careers as electricians, Electrical Career Now has a lot of articles on topics (such as the differences between commercial and residential electrical work). If you’re new to the business or just thinking about a career in it, check out this blog. 

6. Trade Skills 4 U

Okay, if you ever feel like learning about electrician work “across the pond” so to speak, check out this blog for electrician trainees based in Great Britain. If nothing else, check out their post on 10 celebrities and famous people who used to be electricians (spoiler: Elvis made the list!). 

7. IBEW Media Center

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers can help you keep tabs on the industry even if you’re not a member. Check out their recent news for updates on worker safety issues, advocacy, jobs initiatives, and a lot more. 

8. Mike Holt’s Forum

A place online to discuss electrician training and learning, this forum provides practical electrical help from peers and from other students. Mike Holt’s Forum helps those who wish to learn more about becoming an electrician

9. Lighting Supply

It’s interesting to follow manufacturers and find out more about the cool things happening with lighting these days. Lighting Supply’s blog makes that possible. Plus, the photography is amazing. This is a fun and interesting blog for trainees and experienced pros alike. 

10. Electricians Success International 

Although this blog hasn’t seen many recent updates, the content created by Electricians Success International may help self-employed electricians and owners of electrical businesses looking for practical ways to grow. 

11. Voltage

This online magazine and news site dedicated to the electrical industry features buyers’ guides, product information, and content for businesses and electrical professionals. 

12. NECA

The National Electrical Contractors Association has information of interest to electricians. Their online newsroom doubles as a good place to go for some industry news, even for non-members. 

13. Electrical Contractor

This magazine includes industry news and helpful tips for business owners. Read product reviews, watch videos on the latest issues facing electricians, and more. Even without subscribing, you can check out their “news” tab and find a great deal of valuable information. 

14. Electrician Mentor

Every pro starts somewhere, and Electrician Mentor makes for a great place to start. If you need to learn the industry and make sure you have what it takes to thrive as an electrician, go here for practical advice and no-nonsense guidance. You’ll learn the equipment worth buying, which books will help you actually prep for licensing exams, and so much more. 

15. Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) Magazine 

This publication offers coverage of the electrical industry, with ideas and issues contractors face today. You can find lots of useful industry info here.