Start collecting payments in the field!


Smart Service has teamed up with CardPointe to bring our customers simple, secure, and affordable payment processing. You can now collect payments in the field with our software to save time and increase revenue!

With Smart Service and CardPointe, you get:

  • Simple Transaction Management: Managing payments directly within Smart Service and iFleet will save you time, allowing you to monitor and track each transaction while consolidating your payment vendors.
  • Extra Features Without Extra Cost: Great tools shouldn’t come at a greater cost. CardPointe guarantees to beat your existing credit card processing costs, with most customers saving between 15-40%.
  • Security You Can Count On: Point-to-point encryption and┬átokenization technology provide you the highest level security when running card transactions, helping you qualify for the lowest rates!

If you’d like to start accepting payments with CardPointe and Smart Service, simply fill out the application here. Once you’ve finished, a representative will reach out to you to guide you through the rest of the implementation process. Want to speak to someone directly? Just call 888-518-0818.

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