QuickBooks, Expanded

Smart Service works as a direct QuickBooks add-on, ensuring any work you do passes between the programs in real time. That means you can kiss double data entry goodbye! As soon as you schedule a job, create a work order, or send a bill in Smart Service, you’ll see the changes reflected in your QuickBooks records. Smart Service keeps everything in one quick, easy, intuitive system. Get organized today!

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Simple Service Scheduling

Click a button in Smart Service, and you’ve scheduled a job. Click another, and you’ve sent that job to your technician in the field. Recurring work, emergency work, multi-day work… there’s nothing this field service software can’t handle. The simple drag-and-drop scheduler gives you complete control. The rest of your team can see any changes you make, keeping everyone on the same page—including your technicians in the field!

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Go Mobile Today
If you’re ready to truly kickstart your business, you’re ready for the Smart Service mobile app. Smart Service allows you to dispatch new work orders or estimates straight to your technicians’ mobile devices, and it gives them the ability to fill and file paperwork (not to mention collect payments) from the field. Once you go mobile, there’s no going back! Give your techs the greatest tool they’ll ever use.

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