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Return Jobs

Life is unpredictable, and so is the service industry. You can schedule a job thinking it’ll be a one-and-done affair, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so. Often, further attention (and subsequent trips) are required. Maybe you need to order a missing part and wait for it to arrive, or maybe a fridge you serviced earlier in the day started acting up again. Whatever the case, Smart Service has you covered.

Our developers thought of everything when building Smart Service. Smart Service offers a multitude of scheduling options, regardless of whether or not you know the exact day you’ll return to finish what you’ve started.

One way to alert the office that there’s a need to return to a job site is through Smart Service’s bevy of user-defined fields. User-defined fields offer an easy way to identify the status of dispatched work. You can create useful labels like “return needed” or “part ordered” and mark your jobs accordingly.

Need to expand a job to multiple days? That’s easy! Once it becomes apparent that a job cannot be fully completed, you’ll simply update the job’s information. All of the work already finished will be marked “1 Time” so that Smart Service will know not to bill for it again when the technician returns to finish work.

Jobs are then added to the Waiting List until you’re ready to send someone back to finish them. Smart Service offers a scheduling solution for almost anything you can imagine. Request a demo today to learn more!

Posted by: Benjamin Yackshaw on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.


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