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Run your daily plumbing operations more efficiently with Smart Service, the best plumbing dispatch software solution for plumbing companies big and small! Customers can tell when a plumbing company runs smoothly, and a large part of running smoothly is efficient plumber dispatching. Your plumbers will know where to go and when to get there with Smart Service’s complete, QuickBooks-integrated solution for scheduling and dispatching. Send employees work orders with all the customer information they need to get work done right and on time. Square things away with plumbing dispatch software from Smart Service!

Smart Service office scheduler and the iFleet field service app

Improve Efficiency and Profits with Plumbing Dispatch Software

When a customer has a plumbing emergency, you need to deploy your plumbers as quickly as possible. Save the day in style with Smart Service plumbing dispatch software! Smart Service not only allows you to quickly find an available plumber and schedule a job, it also allows you to send new job information, customer work history, special customer notes, and GPS directions to the job site via your plumbers' mobile devices. Save your office staff time and reduce costly miscommunication with a streamlined plumber dispatch software solution.


Smart Service and iFleet - The Ultimate Plumbing Dispatch Solution

Empower your office staff and plumbers to service customers better with Smart Service and iFleet. iFleet is the mobile field service app that works hand in hand with Smart Service and QuickBooks to streamline plumber dispatching, equipment tracking, plumber tracking, work order generation, and invoice generation. Eliminate the need for handwritten work orders and unnecessary catch-up phone calls that cost you time and money. iFleet allows plumbers to view scheduled jobs on their mobile devices, update work order information while on the job, and collect the customer’s signature upon the completion of the task at hand. Of course, iFleet and Smart Service don’t stop there! Once the job gets completed and the customer signature collected, Smart Service will generate an invoice in QuickBooks allowing you to collect payment faster and eliminate the risk of inaccuracies.


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A Complete Plumbing Dispatch Software and Management Solution

Smart Service not only serves as an easy to use plumbing dispatch software, it also serves as a complete solution for managing every aspect of your plumbing company. The best plumbing dispatch software for managing your business, Smart Service can also:

  • Easily schedule new plumbing jobs when customers call
  • Manage customer information and work history
  • Record job notes for future reference
  • Improve route planning
  • Eliminate wasteful double data entry
  • Manage recurring plumbing appointments
  • Create new work orders and deploy them to plumbers
  • Manage and track equipment
  • Create work estimates
  • Monitor plumbers out in the field
  • Record customer equipment
  • Track customer payment history
  • Create invoices in QuickBooks upon completion of work
  • Allow plumbers to input work updates on the job
  • Track employee time
  • Grow your plumbing company without incurring huge monthly software costs. Smart Service is a one-time purchase!

The only thing you will regret about Smart Service is not using it sooner. Request your demo today!

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