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With Smart Service, HVAC scheduling and job management has never been easier. Smart Service is an HVAC scheduling software app that works seamlessly with QuickBooks. Your existing customer information will be integrated into the software, allowing you to begin scheduling, dispatching, routing, monitoring your crews, invoicing, and more with efficiency and ease. iFleet mobile field service app will let you deploy pertinent work order information to your crew in the field. There has never been a more effective solution for managing your day to day business operations and scheduling your HVAC technicians. Start doing business the smart way today!

Smart Service office scheduler and the iFleet field service app

Schedule HVAC Jobs With Ease Using Existing Customer Data

Since Smart Service integrates with QuickBooks at the moment of installation, your customer data becomes accessible right away. This makes scheduling a job with all the right details a breeze! In the HVAC industry, it is far too common for paper work orders to get lost or become laden with illegible chicken scratch, leading to confusion and needlessly wasted time. Smart Service offers a complete HVAC scheduling solution, giving you the ability to schedule jobs in a clean and easy-to-understand interface. See the jobs you have scheduled for the week in one window. Simply click and highlight time gaps to schedule a new job. Start typing your customer’s name and Smart Service will input the rest. Say goodbye to handwritten calendars or irritating double data entry with Smart Service HVAC scheduling software!


Conveniently Manage Dispatching with HVAC Scheduling Software

Smart Service removes the hassle of rifling through customer folders and making multiple phone calls to set up new appointments. When a new job comes in, simply find an active technician with time available in their schedule to schedule the job. In addition to adding the new job to the calendar, Smart Service also adds your existing customer information, work history, installed equipment, and more to the job notes. Simply save the new job and the iFleet app will get the information to your team member’s mobile device right away.


Use iFleet to Send Work Order Information to Technicians in the Field

The iFleet mobile field service app is a companion to Smart Service and a crucial piece of the scheduling puzzle. iFleet lets you send updated work information and new jobs directly to your field technicians while they are out in the field. Your techs will also be able to update job progress, add line items for any services rendered, and collect customer signatures. Once the job is complete, Smart Service will use the work order information to generate an invoice right in QuickBooks, ensuring your billing is accurate for all services rendered.

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Smart Service: The Complete HVAC Scheduling Software Solution

Smart Service is more than just a QuickBooks add-on, it is a complete HVAC scheduling software solution that is designed to help effectively run all aspects of your company. With ease and efficiency, Smart Service HVAC scheduling software can:

  • Manage customer database
  • Maintain job notes
  • Optimize HVAC service routes
  • Store customer work history
  • Set up recurring service appointments
  • Assign jobs to technicians
  • Manage and monitor inventory
  • Create and schedule job estimates
  • Track technicians out in the field
  • Track customer installations and equipment
  • Collect and log payments
  • Generate invoices upon completion of work
  • Receive work updates from technicians out on the job
  • Track employee time

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