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If you own or run a field service business, you know how important it is to properly schedule your technicians. You also know how difficult this can be. Imagine the ability to schedule all of your field technicians while viewing their current jobs and availability. Well, you can do all this and more, all from the same integrated field service software solution. Smart Service is a complete field service scheduling software that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, linking up with your existing customer information and giving your team a visual and interactive scheduling interface, one that is easy to use and manage. With field service scheduling software from Smart Service, you never have to worry about double-booking a technician, wasting time with double data entry, or filling out paper schedules.

Smart Service office scheduler and the iFleet field service app

Link Existing Customer Info With Field Service Scheduling Software

Smart Service quickly and easily integrates with your existing customer information in QuickBooks, allowing you to access work history, contact information, customer notes, and more when scheduling your team members. Our field service scheduling software automatically adds this information to new jobs, giving your technicians access to important customer information, saving your company time, and improving job efficiency and customer service.


No matter what kind of field service business you run, scheduling new customer appointments becomes simple with Smart Service. Type the customer's name into our field service scheduling software and it will handle the rest, helping to reduce miscommunications and make training new team members easy. With Smart Service's intuitive interface and field service scheduling features, anyone can schedule new jobs with the click of a button.


Field Service Scheduling Software That Simplifies Communication

Another big part of running a successful field service business involves communicating with your technicians while they're out on a job. It can be difficult for technicians to call or answer their phone on site, and if you don't have a field service scheduling software to assist, this can create frustration and inefficiency. When scheduling a new job for a member of your team in Smart Service, customer information automatically populates the calendar and arrives on your field technician's mobile device via iFleet.


Add iFleet to Your Field Service Scheduling Software

iFleet is our mobile field service app that accompanies Smart Service. iFleet seamlessly displays new jobs scheduled within Smart Service, including customer information and turn by turn directions, on your technician's mobile device. You can also track your team members throughout the day, giving you real-time reports of job progress and technician location. When jobs get finished, field service technicians use iFleet to collect customer signatures, update work orders, and complete paperwork without ever having to write anything down on paper. Smart Service then generates an invoice for each customer inside QuickBooks. iFleet and Smart Service help eliminate the inaccurate billing resulting from user error. Save the time spent typing invoice information into the computer.

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Smart Service and iFleet - The Best Field Service Scheduling Software Solution

Smart Service is more than a field service scheduling software add-on for QuickBooks; it's an all-in-one, complete field scheduling solution designed to improve efficiency in all phases of your company. Smart Service not only makes for an easy-to-use field service scheduling software, it can also:

  • Send new job and customer information to field technicians
  • Optimize job routes for your workforce via iFleet
  • Create service job estimates
  • Create QuickBooks invoices
  • Create and manage customer information
  • Maintain historical job information and work history for each customer
  • Create real-time work updates from job sites
  • Track and record field technician time and location
  • Track and manage customer equipment and technician inventory
  • Create and manage recurring customer appointments
  • Record and manage customer payment history

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